8 Best Skincare Products to Calm, Protect, and Revitalize Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin is prone to dryness, flaking, blemishes, and irritation. Far too often, skincare products developed to protect, renew, and revitalize troubled skin increase reactivity. If your skin isn’t as smooth and vibrant as it could be, if you’re prone to rashes, blemishes, or notice a persistent flush across your forehead, cheeks, or chin, maybe it’s time to reconsider your approach. Wholesome, plant-based skincare products could be your salvation. Some of the best skincare products for sensitive skin feature the skin-soothing potential of CBD. 

The Science of Calming Sensitive Skin with CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid, an active plant element found in the stalks, stems, and flowers of industrial hemp plants. Although hemp extracts have been used for ages to resolve a wide range of skin concerns, our ancestors had little (to no) understanding of the plant’s active components. Any perceived skin benefit was based on observation alone. Now that we know what CBD is and how it works, it’s much easier to understand why so many people report favorable results using hemp-derived CBD skincare products.

It turns out that CBD mimics the effects of important chemical messengers produced in your body, the messengers of your skin’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The effects of using CBD skincare products largely depends on which essential processes might be restored to balance through ECS support.

The Best CBD Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Not only do plant-based skincare products fortified with CBD oil have the potential to support a wide range of processes essential for healthy skin function, but some of these hemp oil benefits for skin also include a significant source of skin fortifying amino acids, antioxidant vitamins, and essential minerals. However, many companies add CBD to skincare products made with artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, and other synthetic ingredients known to irritate sensitive skin.

BOTA™ skincare products are different. All BOTA™ CBD skincare products are made with natural, wholesome ingredients. We’ve combined our pure, potent hemp oil with other carefully selected botanicals, plant oils, and extracts with verifiable skin-soothing potential. We believe the following seven products could provide considerable benefit for sensitive skin:

BOTA™ Nourishing All-Day Body Lotion + Avocado Oil

  • Skin dryness and sensitivity often go hand in hand. Hot water, dry air, and cooler temperatures can intensify flaking, itch, and irritation. BOTA™ Nourishing All-Day Body Lotion delivers 400mg of CBD, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, and avocado oil, a natural source of vitamin E, vitamin D, and essential fatty acids. Formulated for all skin types, our Nourishing All-Day Body Lotion helps keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and comfortable. For best results, apply during your >morning skincare routine to clean, damp skin, and again before turning in for the night.

BOTA™ Calming and Age-Defying Hand Lotion + Apricot Kernel Oil

  • Frequent hand washing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can disrupt your skin’s natural protective barrier. Disrupting that barrier can leave your hands dry, rough, cracked, and uncomfortable. Restoring your skin’s moisture balance can help protect inflamed skin from further moisture loss, soothe sensitivity, calm irritation, and help injured skin heal. As the CBD in BOTA™ Calming and Age-Defying Hand Lotion mimics the effects of natural skin lipids, the shea butter, and apricot kernel oil helps dry, damaged skin retain essential moisture while delivering a healthy dose of vitamins E and K. Using our Age-Defying Hand Lotion while your skin is slightly damp after washing helps lock in essential moisture.

BOTA™ Balancing Micellar Cleansing Toner + Witch Hazel

  • Sensitive skin often reacts to product ingredients that disrupt its natural pH balance. Disruptions to that lipid barrier can leave your skin susceptible to allergic reactions, bacterial infection, and moisture loss. After cleansing, restore your skin’s pH balance with BOTA™ Balancing Micellar Cleansing Toner. Our full-spectrum hemp extracts, sweet almond oil, chamomile, and honeysuckle compliment the soothing, anti-inflammatory effects of our natural witch hazel. Plus, restoring that delicate pH balance helps your skin absorb any active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers.1,2

BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Manuka & Ginger Root

  • Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance found in nearly every cell in your body. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid helps skin retain essential moisture while assisting in various aspects of tissue repair.3 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, reactive skin, the hyaluronic acid in BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps soothe and revitalize dry skin as the ginger root, manuka oil, and meadowfoam oil calm irritation and contribute to the serum’s anti-aging potential.4,5,6

BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion + Manuka & Ginger Root

  • Whether your sensitive skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, moisturizing is essential. The creams and lotions applied after cleansing and toning help keep sensitive skin smooth, soft, and hydrated. BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion is lightweight, easily absorbed, and promotes healthy skin function with 300mg of pure, potent CBD. The soothing manuka oil in our daily face lotion was selected to protect skin and boost hydration. The ginger root in this age-defying formulation was included for its potential to balance skin while delivering a healthy glow.

BOTA™ De-stressing Nightly Face Cream + Lavender

  • While you sleep, subtle temperature changes and hormonal shifts enhance your skin’s ability to absorb any active ingredients in your skincare products.7 This means that the best time to nurture, protect, and revitalize sensitive skin would be during your skincare night routineBOTA™ De-Stressing Nightly Face Cream delivers 150mg of CBD to tissues far below the surface of your skin and infuses the outermost layers with the calming effects of lavender. Lavender oil is a natural plant essence well-known for its potential to hydrate dry skin and soothe irritation.8

BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum + Manuka Oil & Ginger Root

  • Eye serums are more fluid than creams or lotions, meaning they’re much easier for your skin to absorb. BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum combines the many potential skin benefits of CBD with manuka oil, ginger root, and other active botanicals selected to address a wide range of age-related skin concerns specific to the under-eye area. BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum is formulated to soothe, protect, and revitalize sensitive tissues while addressing fine lines and wrinkles. 

BOTA™ Hydrating Daily Face Cream + Achiote Seed

  • Hydrating Daily Face Cream + Achiote Seed delivers 150mg of CBD, coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, and jojoba seed extract. Achiote seed (annatto) found in this daily face cream provides the skin with antioxidant benefits and helps to soothe skin irritation. They also serve as a natural protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Calming, Soothing, and Revitalizing Sensitive Skin with BOTA™ Skin Care

Sensitive skin is often reactive to household cleaning products, soap, artificial fragrances, and a considerable number of the chemicals and compounds commonly used in skincare products. If your current skincare routine leaves your skin feeling dry, tight, or uncomfortable, if your complexion is red, rough, or irritated, maybe it’s time to invest in gentle skincare products formulated with CBD and a blend of wholesome, nurturing botanicals.

BOTA™ CBD skincare products are made with pure, potent, full-spectrum CBD oil. That’s an important consideration. Full-spectrum CBD delivers additional cannabinoids, plant terpenes, essential fatty acids, and a range of skin-friendly nutrients not available in skincare products made with CBD isolate powders. Plus, our entire skincare line is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.  

To learn more about BOTA™ plant-powered CBD skincare products, visit Bota Hemp to view our Complete Guide to Natural Skin Care or browse our Beauty Blog. For your safety and protection, all BOTA™ CBD skincare products are third-party tested, and US Hemp Authority™ certified.  

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