Balancing Oil Production Naturally With CBD-Infused Skin Care

Oily skin

The oil released from your pores is essential for healthy skin function. If your skin typically runs on the oily side, consider yourself fortunate. With proper care, oily skin adapts well to seasonal changes, resists fine lines and wrinkles, and has a natural, dewy glow. Yet, with all those advantages, excess oil production can also contribute to a considerable number of skin issues.

If your skincare products leave your oily skin looking or feeling less than its best, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your approach. A few simple modifications to your current skincare routine could help keep your skin looking smooth, fresh, and naturally radiant. 


Simple Skincare Adaptations Shown to Balance Oil Production Naturally

On the flip side of those many advantages, oily skin tends to have larger pores, starts to shine within hours of cleansing, and is more susceptible to skin congestion, clogged pores, and breakouts than other skin types. While clearing dirt, makeup, and accumulated oils can help reduce shine and prevent breakouts, many people tend to overcompensate, relying on harsh skincare products that trigger more skin issues than they solve. To help balance oil production and prevent blemish-inducing irritation, you may want to consider investigating some of the following recommendations:


Protect Your Skin’s Moisture Balance

  • When excess oil production becomes problematic, many people turn to harsh cleansers, hoping to remove every last trace of oil from the surface of their skin. Most often, these products contain sulfates, artificial fragrances, and abrasive particles that disrupt your skin’s natural protective barrier. Instead, consider switching to a gentle, oil-free cleanser that removes excess oil and makeup without stripping. Your skin should feel moist and supple after cleansing, never tight or dry.1


Balance Your Skin with a Toner

  • After cleansing, it’s important to restore your skin’s natural pH balance with a toner. When your skin’s naturally acidic barrier is compromised, your skin is far more susceptible to irritation and moisture loss, conditions that trigger excess oil production. Plus, sweeping a pH balancing toner over your skin while it’s damp from cleansing helps remove any lingering debris while reducing the appearance of your pores. Protecting your skin’s moisture balance can reduce oil production.2


Moisturize with a Lightweight Lotion

  • If your skin tends to shine from excess oil production, you might be tempted to eliminate moisturizers from your skincare routine. While understandable, it’s not a good idea. If your skin doesn’t retain enough moisture, the cells on the surface dehydrate and shed unevenly. When those discarded skin cells mingle with excess oil, they can clog your pores. Moisturizing faithfully with a lightweight face lotion, such as the manuka lotion after cleansing, increases the moisture content in the outermost layers of your skin and helps keep patchiness, clogged pores, and irritation from dulling your complexion.3


Eliminate Harsh Chemicals From Your Skincare Routine

  • Your skin has a remarkable ability to absorb about 60 percent of the ingredients commonly used in skincare products. Many people don’t realize how many chemicals and compounds in conventional skincare products can irritate sensitive skin and increase oil production. Most of those chemicals have never been evaluated for consumer safety. After switching to plant-based skincare products, many people find their oily skin is far less reactive.4 To help balance oil production, soothe inflammation, and support your skin’s natural ability to renew, consider investing in plant-based skincare products to enhance the many potential skin benefits of hemp-derived CBD.


Current Research Shows CBD Helps Balance Oil Production

CBD is the commonly used abbreviation for cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating plant element found in hemp and marijuana. A cannabinoid with many potential health and wellness benefits, CBD is shown to have a considerable impact on skin health and appearance. That therapeutic potential is delivered through its interaction with the receptors of your skin’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

When the ECS is in sync, the human body is able to achieve what is called homeostasis, which means your body is operating at optimal levels. In many ways, CBD-infused skincare products work just like any other CBD product, the tinctures, gummies, or capsules you might already be using. With plant-based CBD skincare, the therapeutic potential is delivered directly to receptors that may help influence the health and appearance of your skin.8


Nurturing, Protecting, and Balancing Oil Production with BOTA™ CBD Skin Care

Many conventional skincare products formulated to remove excess oil and clear your pores contain untested chemicals and known skin irritants. A considerable number of these potentially untested chemicals can deplete your skin’s protective moisture barrier and increase oil production, a combination that can lead to congested pores and breakouts. This is why turning to CBD infused, plant based skincare that’s gentle yet effective might just be the best option for oily skin! 

Of course, the quality of the CBD in your skincare products will have a significant impact on your overall experience. That’s why all BOTA™ skincare products are made with third-party tested, US Hemp Authority™ certified, hemp-derived CBD.

To learn more about plant-powered skincare, visit BOTA™ Hemp to view our selection of CBD-infused skincare products formulated for your face and body. At BOTA™, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality plant-based products for every skin type. All BOTA™ products are made with non-GMO, cruelty-free ingredients and never contain synthetic fragrances or parabens. 



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