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Your skin performs a wide range of functions that keep your entire body safe and healthy. While these functions are all crucial for your wellbeing, your skin also forms the protective barrier that shields your body from viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

While most people realize that skin is a remarkably complex organ, far too many underestimate the value of consistent daily care. The purpose of a well-orchestrated skincare routine is to nurture and protect this defensive layer while keeping its surface smooth, supple, and hydrated. The products used to accomplish these goals remove dirt and excess oil, encourage the removal of discarded skin cells, restore skin’s delicate balance, and protect the surface from the detrimental effects of moisture loss.1

Although a basic skincare routine requires only minutes each day, many people tend to overlook their skin’s most basic needs until faced with the visible signs of neglect.

While skin is quite resilient, it’s much easier to prevent skin issues than repair the damage caused by inconsistent care. A commitment made to nurture and protect your skin today will help keep your complexion healthy, resistant to the visible signs of aging, and better equipped to protect your overall health and wellbeing. 

Caring for your skin properly requires a certain level of commitment. The skincare habits you develop today can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your complexion years from now. But since your skin’s in a constant state of renewal, it’s never too late to benefit from making improvements to your current skincare routine.

The first improvement you may want to consider is swapping your conventional products for plant-based skincare. Using natural skincare products reduces your exposure to a long list of harsh chemicals and compounds that can irritate sensitive skin and interfere with your skin’s natural ability to renew. Many of these ingredients have never been tested for consumer safety, meaning they could be causing more skin issues than they claim to solve.2

Making the switch to plant-based skincare reduces your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. As you investigate your product options, it’s important to remember that skincare products formulated to protect your skin during the day could have an entirely different combination of active botanicals than products formulated to revitalize your skin as you sleep. The key to developing a personalized routine is finding the best combination of products for your needs, then caring for your skin twice each day. 

The skin on your body is thicker and less susceptible to irritation than the skin on your face. That means products formulated for body care tend to be thicker and have a higher concentration of active ingredients. The botanicals used in plant-based body care products tend to target skin texture, pigmentation, and firmness.3

Morning skincare for your body isn’t complicated or time-consuming. After bathing or showering with a gentle cleanser, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. Use our Hydrating Daily Face Crème for dry skin or our Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion for normal or dry skin. For best results, apply a liberal amount of moisturizer while your skin is damp.

Basic AM facial skincare requires three steps, a gentle cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. But if your skin is excessively dry, you may want to consider rinsing your face with water and skipping the cleanser.

You can take your basic skincare routine a step further by using a nutrient-rich facial serum after toning. BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum is formulated with the many potential benefits of rosewater and hyaluronic acid, a natural carbohydrate that gives skin its plump, firm appearance.

In the evening, people of all skin types benefit from a thorough cleansing to remove dirt, oil, cosmetics, and dead skin cells that accumulate on their face during the day. Before cleansing, any cosmetics should be removed with a skin-friendly oil or natural makeup remover. Once your skin is clean, remove any lingering traces of your cleanser and restore your skin’s protective barrier with your BOTA™ Balancing Micellar Toner.

While there’s typically no harm in using the same facial moisturizer twice a day, natural skincare products intended for overnight use are typically formulated with plant botanicals selected to compliment your skin’s natural ability to renew. While your skin is still damp from toning, or after applying your serums, consider protecting and nurturing your skin with BOTA™ De-Stressing Nightly Face Cream. 

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