Complementing the Effects of Skincare Products with Gua Sha

Gua Sha

In your search for the ultimate products to address your skin concerns, you’ve likely encountered more than a few high-tech gizmos and gadgets promising to clear your pores, boost circulation, or firm facial contours. After factoring in the continuous stream of lotions and potions formulated with the latest lab-generated compounds, it seems there’s a new skincare trend taking center stage every few months. While some might deliver on a few of the many promises made, a considerable number miss the mark entirely. Many create more skin issues than they solve.

If the latest chemical combinations and battery-operated contraptions aren’t delivering the results you were hoping for, maybe it’s time to get back to basics, adopt a more holistic approach. The combined effects of active plant botanicals and a centuries-old massage technique could prove to be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s what you need to know about combining gua sha with the therapeutic potential of CBD-infused skincare products.

Understanding the Basics of Gua Sha, an Ancient Facial Massage Technique

Loosely translated gua sha (pronounced gwa shah) means scraping sand. Developed long before acupuncture, gua sha is an ancient Chinese and East Asian technique based on similar concepts of energy and balance. Instead of inserting needles, a smooth, rounded object is used to scrape the skin. The scraping action is believed to enhance energy flow and awaken the body’s natural healing capabilities. Although gua sha techniques used on the body are often aggressive enough to leave marks on the skin,1 facial gua sha is gentle and soothing. Facial skin is never scraped.

The tools used in gua sha are called boards. A board is a flat, paddle-like instrument traditionally carved from bone, animal horns, or gemstones. Jade, rose quartz, and amethyst boards are among the most popular. While gua sha boards can be fashioned into a wide range of shapes, they tend to have a curved edge that cradles the contours of the face and at least one indented or u-shaped side that glides smoothly over the jawline and cheekbone.2 

While there’s been little scientific research investigating the therapeutic potential of gua sha, the lack of clinical evidence doesn’t seem to have dampened consumer enthusiasm. Estheticians and their satisfied clients say gua sha reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, firms facial contours, boosts circulation, and enhances the effects of many skincare products.


Combining the Many Potential Benefits of CBD with Therapeutic Facial Massage

With growing concern over the many chemicals and compounds used in conventional health and wellness products, many of today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for safe, natural skincare alternatives. Those most interested in plant-based products with active plant botanicals are investigating the many potential skin benefits of using skincare products infused with hemp-derived CBD. Many find they achieve superior results using fewer products.

Like gua sha, hemp products have been used therapeutically throughout history to address a wide range of concerns. Since the ancient practice of gua sha is believed to increase circulation and alleviate skin congestion, it’s easy to see why so many people are saying gua sha is the perfect complement to a CBD-infused skincare routine.


Adding Gua Sha Massage to Your BOTA™ CBD Skin Care Routine

Gua sha is easy to do and adds only a few minutes to your skincare routine. You’ll want to begin your gua sha massage after cleansing, toning, and applying your BOTA™Age Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It’s important to keep your skin well lubricated, so the tool glides gently over facial contours. Using light to moderate pressure delivers the best results. Facial gua sha requires a delicate touch. Once your skin is clean and lubricated, you are ready to begin.2

Prepare Your Gua Sha Massage Tool

  • Start by applying a few drops of oil in your hand and rubbing the tool between your palms. Disbursing a small amount of lubricant to the surface keeps the stone from pulling on your skin. You’ll be starting on the lower regions of your face and working upward. 

Sweep Your Gua Sha Tool Over Your Throat

  • Sweep your gua sha tool very gently from your lower neck, over your throat, to the soft tissue below your chin. According to ancient tradition, this motion collects yin energy, the energy influencing the abdomen, chest, head, neck, and face.

Sweep Your Stone Under Your Chin

  • Beginning mid-face, sweep your gua sha tool from beneath your chin towards your ear lope, keeping the board flat. If you like, you can hold the skin under your chin with your opposite thumb as you glide the tool toward your earlobe.

Sweep Your Gua Sha Tool Over Your Jawline

  • Working again from the center of your chin, sweep your gua sha tool over your jawline towards your earlobe. When you get to your ear, gently jiggle the tool to encourage lymph flow. Use the indented surface to help ease the board over the contours of your jaw.

Sweep the Stone Beneath Your Cheek Bone

  • Using the curved edge of your gua sha tool, gently sweep the area from the side of your lip, curving below your cheekbone, in front of your ear, and towards your hairline. At the hairline, jiggle the tool again. The motion will encourage fluid drainage.

Sweep Your Gua Sha Tool Over Your Cheekbone

  • Starting once again from the center of your face, place the gua sha tool near the outer corner of your nose. Sweep upward over your cheekbone towards your temple, and bring the gua sha board to your hairline.

Sweep Your Tool Gently Below Your Eyes

  • When working the tool under your eyes, gently skim the surface while keeping the board flat. Sweep from the inner corner toward your hairline to reduce fluid retention and smooth the undereye area.

Sweep Over and Between Your Brows

  • Starting just below the brow, sweep your gua sha tool upward, over your eyebrows, finishing at your hairline. It should take three to five seconds to move the tool along your brow. Once you’ve reached your hairline, place the tool between your eyebrows and sweep upward again.

Stroke the Tool Over Your Forehead

  • Beginning at the center of your forehead with the tool held flat, sweep toward your hairline. After completing the strokes on your forehead, you are ready to repeat the process on the other side of your face.

Each stroke should be repeated three to ten times each. While estheticians often recommend using this ancient massage technique at least three times each week, daily use is encouraged. The results are said to be both immediate and cumulative.  

Complementing the Effects of CBD-Infused Skincare with Gua Sha Massage

Gua sha is a natural skincare practice performed with a purpose, to lift, tone, and firm the skin by improving circulation and encouraging the release of accumulated fluids.3 CBD is a natural plant element with considerable therapeutic potential of its own. Combining the effects of this ancient healing art with the considerable health and wellness potential of CBD could be just the natural skincare solution you’ve been searching for.

For high-quality CBD-infused skincare products, visit BOTA™ Hemp. Our luxurious CBD skincare products are formulated with natural plant oils and extracts selected for their verifiable skin benefits. Plus, all BOTA™ CBD skincare products are third-party tested, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and US Hemp Authority™ certified. 



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