Is CBD Good for Wrinkles?

Is CBD Good for Wrinkles?

Legend tells of a mystical fountain with the power to restore youth and vigor to anyone who bathes in its waters. While you’re quite unlikely to find skincare products infused with coveted droplets from the fountain of youth, you will find an impressive number of products with considerable anti-aging potential.

In print, the theories supporting the use of skincare products that help “reveal younger-looking skin” seem sound. But in practice, many commonly used anti-aging ingredients can cause burning, itching, sun sensitivity, irritable rashes, and excessive peeling. If your anti-aging skincare routine is causing more complexion issues than you bargained for, maybe it’s time to discover some of the many ways CBD skincare products could be good for wrinkles.

Recognizing the Limitations of Conventional Skincare Wisdom

Skincare products developed to address the needs of mature skin often contain a range of ingredients selected to help boost skin cell turnover rates, promote collagen formation, and keep complexion-dulling skin cells from clinging to the surface. Although the following popular anti-agers can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they’re not right for everyone.

Retinoids and Retinol

Retinoids and retinol help smooth wrinkles by altering skin function in a way that speeds up skin cell formation. They’re also known for breaking the bonds that hold the outermost layer of skin cells in place. Although these vitamin A derivatives are reasonably effective, they can cause dryness, flaking, itching, or burning. With prolonged use, retinol can also cause excessive thinning, an effect that could make your complexion look older and more wrinkled.

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

Like retinol, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids are chemical exfoliants. Alpha hydroxy acids are water-soluble and help refine the surface of your skin. Beta hydroxy acids are oil soluble and could help clear your pores. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids help improve skin cell turnover rates and collagen production but tend to be more forgiving than retinol. Although safe for long-term use, hydroxy acids can leave your skin dry, irritable, and uncomfortable.1 

Niacinamide and Nicotinamide

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3. When applied topically, niacinamide appears to have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Preliminary reports also show that niacinamidehelps support skin’s natural lipid barrier. Although safe for most people, topical use is known to cause sensitivity, tingling, redness, irritation, and clusters of uncomfortable blemishes. This anti-aging ingredient can also interact with other anti-agers, including alpha-hydroxy acids.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble antioxidant vitamin essential for wound healing, bone health, immune system function, and protecting vulnerable cells from the effects of free radical damage. When applied topically, vitamin C is also shown to fade skin discolorations while maximizing collagen production. However, vitamin C is acidic, and it doesn’t play nicely with vitamins A or B-3. Side effects can include tingling, itching, dryness, and redness.

Could CBD Be Your Best Weapon Against Lines and Wrinkles?

It was once believed that the outermost layer of your skin protected your body from absorbing potentially harmful chemicals. Today, we know that hypothesis was flawed. Your skin can absorb about 60% of the substances applied topically.2 If that concerns you, consider how your complexion could benefit from safe, natural skincare products infused with the anti-aging potential of hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD is the most abundant of the many non-intoxicating cannabinoids extracted from the stalks, stems, and flowers of industrial hemp plants. As the cannabinoid penetrates the surface of your skin, it interacts with important receptors found on nearly every type of skin cell, including the receptors regulating oil production, skin cell formation, moisture retention, and collagen synthesis. Based on what the research shows so far, CBD could also help fortify skin proteins, soften fine lines, minimize blotchiness, and prevent collagen loss through the following properties.3

Antioxidant Skin Benefits  

Although CBD is not a treatment or cure for any known skin issues, current investigations show considerable antioxidant potential. Your body, and your skin, rely on antioxidants to counter the impact of free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage otherwise healthy cells. Free radical damage is one of the leading causes of premature skin aging.

Anti-Inflammatory Skin Benefits

UV radiation, environmental contaminants, and even wearing cosmetics can cause chronic, low-grade inflammation and long-term cellular damage. Based on what researchers have learned through preliminary investigations, CBD has considerable anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritation and calm low-grade inflammation.4,5

Are You Ready to See What CBD Could Do for Your Complexion?

When shopping for CBD skincare and topicals, it’s important to remember that not all CBD products are the same. Quality can vary significantly from one brand to the next due to differences in cultivation practices, extraction methods, and quality control standards. That’s why it’s important to stick with a reputable brand, a name you can trust.

BOTA™ CBD toner, serums, moisturizers, and body care products are made with full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from non-GMO, naturally cultivated crops. Then we pair our pure, potent CBD with the best plant oils and extracts nature has to offer. If you want to keep your complexion looking radiant and youthful, consider how your skin could benefit from the following Age-Defying CBD skincare products.

BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion + Manuka & Ginger Root

Formulated for all skin types,  BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion is lightweight, easily absorbed, and promotes healthy skin function with 300mg of pure, potent CBD. The soothing manuka oil in our daily face lotion was selected to help protect your skin while boosting hydration levels. The ginger root was included for its potential to balance skin tone and give your skin a healthy glow.

BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Manuka & Ginger Root

When applied topically, hyaluronic acid helps skin retain essential moisture while assisting in various aspects of tissue repair. The hyaluronic acid in  BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps revitalize dry or dehydrated skin as the ginger root, meadowfoam, and manuka oil help calm irritation. Each ingredient was selected for its ability to contribute to the serum’s anti-aging potential.6,7 

BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum + Manuka Oil & Ginger Root

Eye serums are easier for your skin to absorb than creams or lotions. BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum combines our pure, potent CBD with manuka oil, ginger root, and other active botanicals selected for skin concerns specific to the delicate under-eye area. BOTA™ Age-Defying Eye Serum is formulated to soothe, protect, and revitalize while addressing fine lines and wrinkles.

BOTA™ Age-Defying Night Cream + Manuka & Ginger Root

During sleep, your skin is far more receptive to the active ingredients in your skincare products. BOTA™ Age-Defying Night Cream combines the anti-aging potential of CBD with manuka flower extract and ginger root, botanicals selected to help firm contours, fade skin discolorations, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature skin aging.

To learn more about our plant-powered CBD skincare and topical products, visit BOTA™to read our Complete Guide to Natural Skin Care, browse our BOTA™ Beauty Blog, or find answers to frequently asked questions. All BOTA™ Skincare products are third-party tested, US Hemp Authority™ certified, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made with a range of botanicals selected for specific skin concerns. You can verify our commitment to quality by viewing the third-party test results on our product pages or scanning the QR code on your labels.



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