8 Tips to Naturally Achieve More Beautiful Skin

Naturally Beautiful Skin from the Outside In

Simple lifestyle modifications, including paying attention to your diet, greatly enhance the benefits of a natural skincare routine. Part of that enhancement should come from hydration, exercise, and the products you put on your skin. To further magnify your efforts, consider the value of the following eight suggestions for achieving naturally radiant skin:

  1. Avoid Stripping Skin

    The skin has a protective acid mantle, a natural barrier of amino acids, fatty acids, and oil. Most conventional soaps strip this protective layer while destroying healthy bacteria. Bar soaps being the biggest offenders. Consider cleaning your skin with an oil-based cleanser, a natural scrub, dry brushing, or simply rinsing. If you’re uncomfortable giving up the lather, switch to a gentle, natural soap made with shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil. 15

  2. Stay Away from These Ingredients:

    One of the kindest things you can do for your skin is to learn how to read skincare labels. Be sure to avoid products with the following ingredients: 16,17,18
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  3. Drink Green Tea

    Green tea has been used in cultures all over the world because it’s a potent antioxidant and high in polyphenols. Dried green tea, when applied topically, can be used as a gentle exfoliant.

  4. Natural Exfoliation

    Exfoliating the skin removes complexion-dulling dead skin cells. Over exfoliation can cause dryness and irritation. For most people, a twice-weekly lathering with a soft washcloth is sufficient. Depending on your particular skin type, you might be interested in exfoliating with oatmeal, baking soda, or a blend of coconut oil and sugar.

  5. Use Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is often used to remove makeup, soften rough heels, cleanse sensitive skin, and seal in moisture after a bath or shower. 19 If coconut oil does not agree with your skin, consider almond oil, apricot oil, or olive oil.

  6. Try Essential Oils

    Many essential oils have significant skin benefits. If you’re considering using essential oils on your skin, be sure to do your homework. Most essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil for skin application.

  7. Increase Hydration

    Increasing your hydration levels has significant skin benefits. Health care providers recommend consuming half your body weight in fluid ounces in water each day. 20

  8. Add CBD

    Although CBD tinctures can be applied topically, most people prefer purchasing CBD skincare products formulated especially for topical use. With every BOTA™ product you purchase, you’ll be sure to get the highest-quality CBD, combined with nature’s finest plant-based ingredients. This means no mixing and measuring CBD, just high-quality products that are kind to your skin and supplement your daily routine.


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