Skincare for Oily Skin: Best Practices & Products

Skincare for Oily Skin: Best Practices & Products

Oily skin tends to glisten and shine within an hour or so after washing. If you have oily skin, chances are at least one of your parents has oily skin too. Eventually, you’ll likely embrace this hereditary trait. With proper care, your oily skin could be far more resistant to fine lines and wrinkles than other skin types.

Until then, you might naturally assume it’s important to remove any and all traces of excess oil from the surface of your skin. That’s understandable. Excess oil production can increase your risk of blemishes and breakouts. But there’s a catch you might not have considered.

Once you know why so many products made to solve oily skin issues don’t work as well as you might expect, it’s much easier to see the benefits of using BOTA™ plant-powered products. We’ll even walk you through a simple morning and evening skincare routine and throw in a few tips for good measure.

Why is My Complexion So Oily?  Understanding the Main Factors

The natural oils that help keep your skin lubricated and hydrated are produced by the glands attached to your hair follicles, your sebaceous glands. You have more sebaceous glands on your face and scalp than anywhere else on your body. People with oily skin tend to have large, overactive sebaceous glands.1

But genetics aren’t the only factors that come into play. Heat and humidity, hormonal fluctuations, eating habits, and using harsh skincare products can also impact the amount of oil released through your pores. While there’s little you can do to alter your genetic code or control the weather, you can modify your eating habits, learn to manage stress, and make positive changes to your skincare routine.2

The Best Skincare Tactics for Oily Skin?  Why Over-Stripping Is Not Helpful

Breakouts and blemishes most often occur after dead skin cells and excess oil trap bacteria in your pores. The resulting pimple is an indication that your immune system is fighting that bacteria. That’s why so many people with oily skin believe they need specially formulated cleansers to remove all traces of oil from the surface.3

Far too often, these harsh products are counterproductive. Many can strip your skin of its natural protective barrier, irritate sensitive tissues, and disrupt your skin’s delicate moisture balance. Not only can these products cause dryness, dehydration, and irritation, your skin will be forced to produce more oil to help restore balance.4

Since we’ve essentially been programmed to believe excess oil and dead skin cells must be eliminated at all costs, it’s easy to get caught up in habits that can be more harmful than helpful. Adopting a nurturing, protective AM and PM skincare routine can do much more for oily, blemish-prone skin than you might expect.

Best Practices for Oily Skin: Adapting Your Morning Skincare Routine

The best skincare routine for oily skin clears oil, sweat, and cellular debris while protecting moisture balance. If your current skincare routine is not delivering the results you’ve been hoping for, consider starting your day with a simple 4-step routine featuring BOTA™ plant-powered CBD skincare products. The following recommendations could help you keep excess oil under control.

Start Your Day with a Gentle Cleanser

The “squeaky clean” feeling you’ll get from many cleansers specifically formulated for blemish-prone skin is not ideal.  If your face feels tight, flaky, or looks red after washing, pay attention. Your cleanser may be too drying. Instead, look for a gentle, fragrance-free, soap-free face wash formulated to clean without stripping. After washing, rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat gently with a towel. Rubbing your skin briskly increases the risk of blemish-triggering skin irritation.5



Restore Balance with a Hydrating Toner

The delicate barrier protecting your skin is slightly acidic. When the pH balance of that barrier is compromised, all sorts of unpleasant things can happen. Unlike the harsh astringents used by so many people with oily skin, BOTA™ Balancing Micellar Cleansing Toner helps restore pH balance. Our hydrating toner also helps clear any debris left behind after washing, lifts any lingering traces of your cleanser, and helps refine the appearance of your pores.6

Protect Your Skin with a Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer

When your skin can’t retain essential moisture, the cells on the surface can dehydrate and shed unevenly. That’s why oily skin needs a protective moisturizer just as much as any other skin type.7 BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Face Lotion is formulated with a range of botanicals that could help reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, and help keep oil production from kicking into overdrive. To protect the delicate skin around your eyes, try BOTA™ Age-Defying Daily Eye Serum.

Top Off Your Skincare Routine with Sunscreen

Facial skin is far more susceptible to the effects of UV damage, the leading cause of premature skin aging. That’s why so manyskin care experts recommend using sunscreen daily, a broad-spectrum product with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. Although you might naturally be tempted to use a double-duty SPF moisturizer, those products are unlikely to deliver the level of protection you might expect. Instead, look for a non-comedogenic, oil-free option that won’t clog your pores.8

Best Practices for Oily Skin: Adapting Your Evening Skincare Routine

During the day, your skin is in a protective mode because of the continuous assault from environmental hazards and the sun’s UV rays. While you sleep, your skin is in recovery mode. Cellular production doubles, skin cell turnover increases, and subtle changes in surface temperature and hormone secretion make your skin far more receptive to any active ingredients in your skincare products.9

A basic BOTA™ evening skincare routine starts with clean skin. If you wear cosmetics, consider using an oil-free makeup remover or non-comedogenic oil to remove your handiwork. Then wash your face with the same cleanser you use in the morning. After washing, use your BOTA™ micellar water toner to help prepare your skin for the rest of your PM routine.

Exfoliate To Help Clear Dead Skin Cells, But Proceed with Caution

Exfoliating your skin helps keep the surface smooth and flake-free. But over-exfoliation can do more harm than good. Oily skin can be just as sensitive to over-exfoliation as dry, reactive skin. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the process entirely. Instead, treat your skin kindly by skipping the abrasive scrubs and harsh chemicals in favor of a simple clay mask once or twice each week to absorb depleted cells and help clear your pores. After rinsing off the mask, reapply your toner to damp skin.10

Boost Skin Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid

The best moisturizers for oily skin help keep your complexion supple and hydrated without blocking your pores. To help fortify your skin’s protective moisture barrier, consider adding hyaluronic acid to your nightly routine. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding skin lubricant. BOTA™ Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum is infused with a blend of manuka flower extract, ginger root, and hemp-derived CBD, an active botanical with considerable oil-balancing potential.

Protect Your Skin with a Night Cream Formulated for Your Skin Type

Moisturizers formulated to protect skin while you sleep tend to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients because your skin is more absorbent while you’re asleep. Since some night creams can be too occlusive for oily skin, we recommend BOTA™ De-stressing Nightly Face Cream + Lavender. Several studies suggest lavender oil could help prevent and heal blemishes, soothe irritation, and lighten skin discolorations. Some sources suggest the plant extract could also help minimize the appearance of minor scars.11

Need More? Consider How These Tips Might Benefit Your Oily Skin

Twice-daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing can help keep oily skin looking and feeling its best. But there are many other things you can do to complement the impact of your skincare routine. Since highly processed foods and too much sugar can click oil production up a few notches, watching what you eat is a great place to start.

For overall skin health and appearance, stick with a diet that includes plenty of lean protein, leafy greens, and colorful fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help protect your skin from the impact of free-radical damage. To reduce the risk of blemishes and breakouts, your skin could benefit from any number of the following recommendations: 12,13,14

Drink plenty of fluids – When you get dehydrated, your body will take any fluids it needs from your skin. When your skin gets dry, oil production increases.

Let Blemishes Heal – Popping, picking, or squeezing spots can cause scarring and inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Blemishes heal faster with a “hands-off” policy.

Use Blotting Paper – When excess oil makes your skin glossy, remove the shine with blotting paper. Blotting paper is more absorbent than tissue and, unlike powder, won’t clog your pores.

Keep Hair Off Your Face – When using waxes, pomades, and hair oil, be sure to keep your hair off your face. The ingredients in these products can clog your pores and trigger breakouts.

Take Time to Relax – Stress can ramp up oil production and cause a surge of inflammation-inducing cortisol. Anything you can do to help calm your mind, including deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, can help diffuse the impact on your skin.

Could Your Oily Skin Benefit From BOTA™ Plant-Powered Skin Care Products?

Many skincare products marketed to people with oily skin contain harsh detergents, untested chemicals, and ingredients known to cause skin irritation. The resulting irritation and dehydration can trigger a significant increase in oil production. Once these products compromise your skin’s protective barrier, it takes time for your skin to recover.

BOTA™ CBD skincare products are made with plant oils and extracts, not harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or other questionable ingredients that could impair healthy skin function. Formulated for all skin types, every product we offer is infused with the many potential skin benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

CBD is an active plant element classified as a cannabinoid. Its molecules are small enough to penetrate the surface of your skin. Once absorbed, the cannabinoid interacts with important receptors on nearly every type of skin cell, including the receptors that help regulate oil production and calm inflammation.15

To learn more, visit BOTA™ Skin Care to browse our Complete Guide to Natural Skin Care or read a few articles on our Beauty Blog. Every product in our collection is cruelty-free, third-party tested, and powered with the best ingredients nature has to offer.



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