Steps To Building A Skin Care Routine

Skincare routine

Steps To Building A Skin Care Routine

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and unless taken care of can become damaged and age faster. Skincare, as it is often referred to, can seem much more overwhelming and complicated than simply caring for your skin. If you’re less than happy with the results of your current skincare routine, maybe it’s time to try a different approach. For newbies and those just wanting to ensure they’re on the right track, here are some basic things you should be doing with your daily skincare routine.

Why Do I Need a Skincare Routine?

A skincare routine will help to keep your skin healthy and clear. Remember what it was like, or still like, to have pimples populating your face and wishing they would go away? While there’s no magic formula to keep your face from ever getting another pimple or black head, although it would be great if there were, there are ways to reduce the chances. 

No matter what kind of skin you have, dry or oily or a combination of the two, a skincare routine can still be beneficial. The trick is to find the products that work for your skin type, and adjust accordingly, and then see the improvement starting skincare can do for you.

Building a Skincare-routine

Starting a new skincare routine can be scary, and you may not know where to begin. One thing to know before you start is what kind of skin you have and if you don’t already know there are quizzes online or dermatologists that will help figure it out. No matter the type of skin you have, the skincare steps will stay the same.

For those with dry skin, you will be able to use ingredients with more oils and stay away from drying ingredients. If you have oily skin then you will want to avoid products that have many oils and will be okay usually with a little bit more drying ingredients. Regardless of skin, there are certain ingredients that you should avoid in your routine such as parabens, phthalates, and too much fragrance. 

Alright, now that you’ve figured out the right skin care products, you can begin by following the steps below. The main goal of the order is to start with the least weight and work your way up.

1. Cleanse

The first step of your skincare routine should be to clean your face. Normally this will be done two times a day, during your morning skincare routine to prepare for your day and get rid of any lingering filth from your sleep and get rid of any lingering filth from your sleep or to get rid of the acquired dirt from the day when you wash your face during your night routine. Depending on your skin’s dryness you may be worried about adding to the dryness if you wash your face more than once a day. In this case, you can rinse your face with water in the morning and just skip to step 3.

2. Tone

Toners can add to your routine and can be applied up to twice daily for those with oily skin. Toner is used to get an additional deep clean and tighten your pores. If your skin tends to be dry, try limiting the amount of toner applied to once or even only a couple times a week.  Try Bota’s Balancing Micellar Cleanser Toner in your routine, the micellar ingredient isn’t usually as drying as other toners and may be used daily.

3. Moisturize

You’ve cleaned, you’ve toned, now you should moisturize your skin. Those with dry skin may be thinking, yes of course I need to do this step. Those with oily skin may think they need to stay as far away from moisture as possible. Moisturizing is meant for everyone, no matter the skin type, even if your skin is oily just stay away from oil based products. Skin seeks moisture and there’s a moisturizer out there for you, take a look at Bota’s selection to see if any of them may work.

4. Sunscreen (in the morning)

Now that cleansing and moisturizing is done, the next step is protecting your skin. Sunscreen will aid in keeping your skin youthful and healthy by protecting from some of the harmful effects of the sun. If you wear foundation, an extra sunscreen may be unnecessary because many foundations have SPF in it. Also, sunscreen only needs to be applied before starting your day, there’s no need to wear it to sleep because it won’t be useful when there’s no sun in your bedroom.

Get Started

These four steps should guide you along the path of healthy skin. If you run into questions, turning to estheticians or dermatologists can help you make the right decisions. Check out Botaskin for products to add into your daily skincare routine.


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