Treat your skin to a refreshing boost of moisture with natural botanicals and hemp-derived CBD. Luscious avocado and apricot oil lend the benefits of rich essential fatty acids while creamy shea butter nourishes even the thirstiest skin.

Calming & Nourishing

All-Day Body Lotion

400MG CBD / 8oz.

Keep your skin feeling luscious all day long with BOTA™ Calming & Nourishing All-Day Body Lotion. Rich avocado oil works in tandem with nanoemulsified hemp extract to naturally hydrate. This velvety lotion absorbs quickly to leave skin soft and smooth. Stay moisturized from head to toe, no matter where the day takes you.

+ Avocado Oil
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Calming & Age-Defying

Hand Lotion

150MG CBD / 2oz.

Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin with BOTA™ Calming & Age-Defying Hand Lotion. Vitamins A, C, and E help protect delicate skin from free radicals while soothing apricot kernel oil provides deep moisture and can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Supported with the power of nanoemulsified hemp extract, this comforting lotion provides hands with the perfect amount of hydration throughout the seasons.

+ Apricot Kernel Oil
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Calming & Ultra-Rich


200MG CBD / 2oz.

Treat yourself to the luxury of BOTA™ Calming & Ultra-Rich Body Crème. Stay moisturized with rich, creamy shea butter that helps to promote elasticity while Vitamins A and E replenish necessary moisture. Smooth to the touch, a glorious silky texture makes this the ultimate body crème to soothe thirsty skin, supported by nanoemulsified hemp extract.

+ Shea Butter
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Calming & Hydrating

Daily Face Crème

150MG CBD / 2oz.

BOTA™’s Calming & Hydrating Daily Face Crème uses the power of achiote seed extract combined with full spectrum hemp extract to keep your skin hydrated. Rich in carotenoids and brimming with antioxidants, achiote seed extract gives the skin a natural glow and extra boost of hydration to start your day.

+ Achiote Seed Extract
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Calming & Pollution Defense

Daily Face Lotion

150MG CBD / 2oz.

Protect your skin with the invisible shield of BOTA™ Calming & Pollution Defense Daily Face Lotion. Honeysuckle creates a gentle barrier to prevent carbon and other oxidants from entering the surface of the skin using its natural healing properties, accelerating deep hydration in the process.

+ Honeysuckle
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