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Enrich your skin with the power of natural botanicals and hemp-derived CBD. Rosewater, witch hazel, and cocoa butter work together to help keep skin renewed and refreshed!


Daily Eye Serum

150MG CBD / 9.5oz.

The eyes are the most remarkable, yet delicate, feature on the face. It's essential to give the thin skin under your eyes the care it deserves. With BOTA™'s Balancing Daily Eye Serum, the skin will be soothed with honeysuckle, fresh rosewater, and high-quality hemp extract.

+ Rosewater
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Cashmere Eye Crème

100MG CBD / 1oz.

One of the best things you can do for the most delicate parts of your face - the eyes - is to use natural, plant-based products. Because the eyes are so sensitive, BOTA™ Defending Cashmere Eye Crème combines natural ingredients like apricot oil, avocado oil, and hemp extract. This mixture beautifully refreshes the skin under your eyes.

+ Cocoa Butter
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Protective Skin Toner

100MG CBD / 6oz.

BOTA™ Balancing Protective Skin Toner combines all the incredible benefits of your favorite toner, with none of the harsh chemical ingredients! United with witch hazel, rosewater, and hemp extract, you'll not only hold a new favorite toner but one that's kind to your skin.

+ Witch Hazel
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